The West African Savannah Foundation “WASF” is a trust fund for the environment of the sub-region of West Africa which aims constant funding for biodiversity preservation, the protection and management of natural heritage.

Its main objective is to contribute on the first hand to finance activities in savannah ecosystems within north of Benin and eventually to be able to provide financial support for the preservation and constant management of the whole transboundary WAP structure comprise of the National Parks of Pendjari & W of Benin, and then the National Parks of Arly & W in Burkina Faso.

Secondly, The WASF will finance other types of actors (Wicket “Small grants”) active in the preservation and/or the lasting management of the biodiversity of savannah in regard of the “WAP” complex.

Let’s support the funding of protected areas; let’s promote biodiversity preservation through investments within constant community development.

Let us act “in our own way” for the constant management of biodiversity. Let us invest in the keeping and preservation of our natural heritage.

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