Our financing capabilities

The WASF ensures a predictable and transparent management of the subsidies to be granted to Biosphere reserves, approximately 750,000 euros per year with the capital mobilized so far:

Financing capability

Our  financing modalities

The WASF finance the actors (Wicket “Small grants”) active in the preservation and/or the lasting management of the biodiversity of savannah in regard of the “WAP” complex.

The program granted from the WASF backs on planning managers of protected areas institutions (wicket “AP“) on the basis of the Development and Management Plans. Priorities for grants are established for a given period, based on a participatory process with all stakeholders involved in the management of the Biosphere Reserves.

The WASF facilitates the implementation of annual work plans (AWP) of PA with a series of procedures to ensure the safety, efficiency, transparency and relevance in the mobilization of resources in the conduct of activities in the stream and the use of funds, reporting and ongoing monitoring of operations.