National Park of Arly 

Established in 1950, the National Park of Arly  (also known as the Arly Wildlife Reserve) is one of the largest wildlife reserves in Burkina Faso, one of the largest natural parks in Africa.

Transfrontalier with Niger (National Park of the W) and Benin (Pendjari Reserve), the park of Arly offers to the visitor a richness animal without equivalent in West Africa both by the number of visible animals and By the beauty of the decor; An incomparable biodiversity, a totally wild space and the feeling of immersion in a preserved nature. The National Park of Arly is located in the Sudanian zone. It is located in the province of Tapoa, far from Ouagadougou. With an area of 76,000 hectares this reserve is the refuge of most species of wild fauna.

The mountainous range called Gobnangou cliff, the hills of Pagou and Tanga characterize the park area. The main permanent stream is the Pendjari River. Semi-permanent watercourses are Singou, Douboudo and Arly. The vegetation is essentially made of wooded savannas and moderately dense wooded savannahs. The Arly National Park is hosting a diversity of fauna, mainly composed of large mammals and birdlife.