Board of Directors (BD)

Role of the Board
The Board of Directors is the supreme part of the WASF. The CA is in charged of the diligent and wise management of the WASF, of its activities and the achievement of its objectives in compliance with regulations and ruling documents. It is independent and mixed (public / private). It appoints the daily management of the Foundation to an Executive Director (DE), who will be assisted by a technical and financial personnel and / or consultant.

Components of the Board
Main decision-making comes from this section of the WASF, the Board is statutorily composed of at least five (5) to nine (9) directors, mostly from the private sector, among which we got the Benin government, two technical and financial partners. (UICN, KFW).

  • Civile society;
  • private tourism sector;
  • banking sector;
  • legal sector;
  • Expert in management of protected areas;
  • Minister responsible for the management of protected areas;
  • technical and financial partner (KFW);
  • Gouvernment of Benin (Ministry of Finance) Founding Member;
  • International Conservation NGO (IUCN)-Founding Member.


  • Each “Founding Member” will appoint a Director who may be oneself. In an agreement, Members shall appoint the other Directors by ensuring that at least two Beninese shall all the time be members of this group of Directors who shall represent the private sector and the scientific community. They must justify their experience in biodiversity preservation, law, businesses, non-profit management or fundraising.
  • The nomination and replacement of Directors 3 to 9 shall be simply done by majority of the votes of the existing Members, by following a proposal list of Members and / or Directors.
  • All Directors run for a maximum period of six years.
  • Directors 3 to 9 will be appointed for an initial period of three years. At the end of this period, the Members shall decide on the replacement of at least three Directors.

The Board of Directors will always meet in Benin (at least during the phase when the goal of the WASF will be focus on “Benin” wicket).