Executive Direction (ED)

Role of ED
The Executive Director (ED) is the main implementing figure for the day-to-day management and implementation of the Board of Directors’ decisions / orientations for the achievement of the constant financing mandate for biodiversity preservation, in accordance with the amended good governance tools.
He develops and submits to the Board the annual work plans of the WASF. The ED coordinates the implementation of the plans. He plays a key role in the granting donations. He prepares technical and financial implementation reports, suggests and implements corrective measures where needed.
Structure / Chart of the ED
The Executive Director works with a small support team: Administrative Director and Accountant, Drivers / Consultants in development and Financial areas.

The Executive Director (DE) is responsible for:

  • preparing annual and multi-year work plans and budgets of the WASF (operation and grants), according to the financial resources decided by the Board;
  • carrying out all the work upstream to prepare the projects to be financed (contacts with beneficiaries, expert consultation if necessary, etc.);
  • participating actively in the analysis of requests within the Granting Committee, and provide secretarial support;
  • preparing, negotiating and signing grant agreements with beneficiaries;
  • carrying out the monitoring and assessment of the grants awarded;
  • consolidating and reporting to the Board of Directors on the results of monitoring / evaluation, in particular in terms of impact analysis;
  • monitoring and evaluation of the physical implementation of projects financed by the WASF;
  • monitoring in relations with beneficiaries: monitoring of eligibility conditions and technical and financial reporting on activities carried out with WASF grants.