General Assembly (GA)

The first “Subscribers” of the WASF are the Founding Members. They are respectively appointed by the Government of Benin and the International Union for Preservation of Nature (IUPN).

Members’ rights and authorities
Members are responsible for the supervision of the Board of Directors, the appointing and the revocation of Managers and the annual assessment of accounts and auditors’ reports. They are choosing the general policy of the foundation. They have statutory powers which enable decisions making, by outstanding settlement, at General Meetings.

General Assemblies operation
The general assemblies should take place in Benin or at another venue agreed by the members. The annual general meeting must be held within eighteen months of the date of establishment and each following year and no fifteen months gap should occur between yearly general meetings. The managers could initiate a General Meeting at any time.
The amendment of some clauses of laws of the WASF would require the written agreement of the ‘’Charity Commission’’.

Governance system