Grant eligibility criteria of the WASF

Protected Areas within the WAP Complex with an official protection status are the only targets for FSOA funding. The first criteria for prioritizing “beneficiary areas” are:

  • the wealth of biodiversity;
  • the status of the site and the threats to it;
  • national status and international labels;
  • the status (self-management) and the capacities of managing the institution;
  • the actual gap in funding: gap between the annual work plan and budget and the budgets allocated by the law of finance and the various TFPs.

Beyond the prioritization of areas, the policy and procedures of the WASF granting program set eligibility criteria. To be eligible, the “applicants” (CENAGREF and DPN), Sites Management Institutions, will be analyzed based of seven good governance criteria and reflect their level of performance in terms of conservation and co-management. Applicants to the “Small grants” box must be legally recognized on the basis of a document (s) issued by the relevant official services of the Republic of Benin; Have at least two years of experience in managing similar projects; Demonstrate real motivation and ability to carry out the project or activity.