Investment Committee (IC)

Role of the (IC)
The IC reviews financial / asset management proposals, ensures the follow up in compliance of the investments regarding the foundation’s policy monitors quarterly financial performance (Asset Manager reports). He made technical recommendations to both actives managers and the Executive Management and makes proposals for the harmony of investment policies.

Composition of (IC)
The (IC) consists of two or three directors of a WASF including the presidency experts co-opted to support the managers of IC in their tasks the Executive Director of WASF who handles the secretariat of the committee.

He is deciding to hold at least four meetings per year including two “in person” and a conference call to discuss the quarterly report of the Portfolio Manager with the ability to hold telephone meetings at the request of its leader (financial expert) with its suggested agenda on each subject felt important for the WASF portfolio.
The WASF Board periodically reviews the Investment Policy involves the CIVIL SOCIETY HERITAGE MANAGEMENT and evaluates it at least once a year to analyze the investment performance possible changes in allocations and allocations of assets not directly managed by the WASF.
The Investment Committee shall draw up a pointing out amount each year and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors which decides on the distribution of the envelopes between the “AP” cashier which will receive the largest amount: the wicket “Small Grants”; the running of the Executive direction; the operation of the Governance sections; Any deposits and provisions.