Our beneficiaries

Protected Areas in the WAP Complex are the beneficiaries of grants’ WASF. They are represented through AP Public Institutions Management (CENAGREF in Benin), which are also the representatives of the States on the site. The PA Manager and his / her team provide strategic planning at the park level (Management Plans, Work Plan) and operational planning (Annual Work Plans).

The WASF also provides long-term financial support to private or non-governmental organizations involved in preservation: NGOs, community or cooperative associations (AVIGREF), or in some cases, academic and research institutions…

The W-Arly Pendjari complex (WAP) covering approximately 50,000 km² of classified and adjacent areas (intervention areas):

  • BENIN: 43%
  • Burkina Faso: 36%
  • NIGER: 21%

Intervention zone