National Park of Pendjari

Located in West Africa and north-west of the Republic of Benin in the Department of Atacora, the National Park of Pendjari is one of the dream destinations that offers in an atmosphere of peace and political stability , Various tourist attractions whose reputation exceeds the national limits. Together with the hunting areas of Pendjari and Atacora, National Park of Pendjari forms the Pendjari Biosphere Reserve (RBP), whose management integrates the existence of local populations.

It is fed by a dynamic river system, characterized by big adjacent floodplains. The diversity of the vegetation cover constitutes a mosaic representative of more than a dozen development. There are mammals, endemic fish, reptiles, birds and scarce or endangered species. All around the site, live communities of rich in cultural diversity. They play a strong role in site management and benefit of a leverage sharing of the economic and financial outcomes.